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Forget the Economy.
How's Your Economy?

No matter what the economic climate, your audience is still out there. They're just waiting to hear how you know what they're going through and that you can solve their problems. And doing that by telling a story will grab and keep their interest. Your copy can do all of that, but only if it's well-written enough to close readers and get them to take action.

How is your marketing copy performing in 2012? Is it meeting the needs of your readers?
Five years ago, it was fairly easy to sell with even a mediocre message. But now, your message has to be sharper...and nobody wants to hear hype anymore. Hype's gone for good. And that's good news, because I meet and exceed the new standard.

I can help you in three significant ways
 1. By writing copy that ups your reader's confidence in you
 2. By writing copy that draws readers out of that "sea
     of noise"
 3. By writing copy that will boost your earnings.

Whether you're ready to turbocharge your money machine with copy that pulls and persuades, or have new projects to discuss, you're online with the right people DKC Marketing.

How much is it costing you in lost revenues for each day that your copy isn't turning the light on for your customer? 

Make your gut answer to that question your reason to contact me now. I can help. Let's talk about it.

To your greatest business success,
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Dave Kent

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"His copywriting skills are great. He takes a lot of time researching, he's well-versed in a number of highly proven copywriting techniques …He's consistent, diligent, and totally honest in his work. If you're looking for more results, outstanding copy, and a serious team player, I highly recommend David for your next project. " - Joshua Boswell, Kansas City, MO

“David is a very committed and talented writer. I have worked with many writers in my career and none hold a candle to his initiative, his ability to dive into and understand engineered products and deliver a final product on time and under budget.” -Deron Austin, VP of Marketing, Lectrus Corp.,
Chattanooga, TN